Here is a listing of courses I have taught while a professor at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College:

Developmental Algebra:

  • Introductory Algebra 1 (09FQ, 10FQ, 11FQ)
  • Introductory Algebra 2 (10WQ, 11WQ)
  • Intermediate Algebra (10SQ, 11SQ, 12SQ, 13US, 14US, 15US)

Math for Liberal Arts

  • Topics in Math 1 (09FQ, 10FQ, 11FQ)
  • Topics in Math 2 (10WQ, 11WQ, 12WQ)
  • Topics in Math 3 (10SQ, 11SQ, 12SQ)
  • Math in Management Science (12FS, 14FS, 15FS)
  • Math in Social Choice (13SS, 15SS)


  • Calculus 1 (12WQ, 12FS, 13SS, 13FS, 14SS)
  • Calculus 2 (12SQ, 13SS, 14SS)
  • Applied Calculus 1 (15SS)

Discrete Mathematics

  • Introduction to Discrete Math (14FS, 15FS)