Using Todoist for Daily Prayer

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a desire to keep numerous prayer requests before the Lord? If you’re like me, you have trouble even remembering what you have intended to pray about! In hopes of a more orderly and regular prayer life, I’ve empoyed Todoist (a list-making productivity app). I originally started using this app after reading Tim Challies’ book Do More Better. After using the app to organize daily, weekly, and more sporadically occurring tasks, I started to realize its usefulness in relation to daily prayer. As I describe my use of Todoist I will be using language that might not be helpful to readers unfamiliar with Todoist, so I’ll apologize for that in advance. If you happen to be such a reader, I encourage you to give Todoist a try!

Here is the idea: suppose you want to pray for your neighbor Kim who is looking for a job. You want to pray for Kim at least once per day for the next month. So, you open up your Todoist app and create a new project entitled “Daily Prayer.” Within this project you create a to-do item “Pray: for Kim’s job search.” You set the date as “daily,” and you choose a priority color (say p3). Done. Now, every day this prayer request will pop up in your to-do list, and you can click it once complete.

Seems simple enough, right? But perhaps you object that this will eventually lead to a very cluttered daily to-do list (assuming you pray for more than one or two requests on a daily basis). Here is how I handle this potential problem: I reserve a priority label for exclusive use with my prayer items. In my case, I use the p3 label, and I don’t label anything other than prayer requests with this label. This segregates my daily to-do list so that I don’t lose other important to-dos amidst the numerous prayer to-dos. In a similar organizational vein, I prefix all of my prayer to-do items with “Pray:” This lends further visual distinction to these items and aids quick navigation through my daily to-dos.

While this use of Todoist may be quite simple, I have found it quite helpful. I post about it in hopes that it might provide a bit of fresh support for your prayers.