Christian Prayer

I recently preached a message on the so-called “model prayer” of Matthew 6:9-13. You can listen here if you’d like. Here are a few thoughts about the passage that I’ve found helpful in my own prayer life:

Jesus first teaches us how to pray, in the sense that he points us to a correct mindset about prayer. He warns us against using prayer as a means of seeking attention from other people. Instead, he tells us that prayer should focus on securing the attention of God. Furthermore, Jesus instructs us against doubting the attentiveness of God. Our Father sees us, even in the secret places of our lives, and he knows our needs.

Jesus then teaches us what to pray for as he proceeds through his model prayer:

  • We should pray for the glory of God as his name is hallowed and his kingdom comes.
  • We should pray for the provision of our daily needs.
  • We should pray for the forgiveness of our sins (here described as debts).
  • We should pray for deliverance from temptations and evil (i.e. the evil One).

And, of course, it can be incredibly encouraging to remember that we are thus praying for what God has already promised us in Christ.

If you’d like to take a look at my arc & outline of the model prayer on, then you can find it here.