The Epistle of James

I’m in the middle of leading a Bible Study through the book of James on Wednesday evenings at Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church, and it’s been quite an experience! We’ve been spending significant time talking about how to study the Bible, and then attempting to actually study the Epistle of James together. We’ve used a fairly common approach:

  1. We first Comprehend the text (read it, sketch an outline, etc.).
  2. Then we attempt to Interpret the text (based on the context).
  3. Finally, we Apply the text (by considering its practical/doctrinal implications).

This method is similar to what is advocated by Jen Wilkin in her book Women of the Wordfor example (my wife read this book recently, and enjoyed it).

We are now preparing for a study of James Chapter 3. As we studied Chapter 2, and as I now prepare to teach about Chapter 3, I have been struck by the potency of what James is teaching! He challenges us to validate our profession of faith by the way we live our lives, and calls us out when we fail to do so. I’m praying that God will continue to bless our study, and that God will help us to respond in faith to the exhortations of James.


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