Latest Sermon from Isaiah 52

I just preached a sermon from Isaiah 52:1-12 this past Sunday. Here’s a link, and a brief description:

God again calls on his people to wake up and embrace the reality of salvation. Having promised to remove his wrath, God now goes further to describe renewed strength, beauty, and holiness for his people, and he commands them to actively apprehend this joyous transformation. God promises to reveal himself to his people with fresh clarity and power, in such a way that all nations of the earth would see his salvation. Therefore, the people of God are commanded to depart from the pollution of sin in order to follow the leadership of God into his holy presence. We also observe that all these promises of God will be fulfilled through the work of the coming Messiah, as Isaiah will describe in the upcoming “Servant Song” of Isaiah 52:13-53:12.

This sermon continues my series through Isaiah 51-53. I’m really looking forward to preaching through Chapter 53, especially now that we have spent some time in the previous chapters to get a feel for the context of Isaiah’s Messianic prophesies.


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