Sermons from Isaiah

I’m currently preaching a series through Isaiah 51-53. I’d love to preach a series through the entire book of Isaiah, but that would take quite a while! Instead, I’ve settled on preaching through these three chapters. My prayer is that God will use this series to lift our eyes to the greater reality of his glory when we are struggling to stay afloat amongst the lesser realities of this temporary, fallen world. I hope these chapters will inspire greater confidence in God as the Holy One who always keeps his promises to his people. I also hope we will gain a better understanding of the Gospel as we read Isaiah’s prophetic description of the work Jesus came here to do.

Here are summaries of the sermons I’ve preached thus far:

Listen to Me, My People! (Isaiah 51:1-8)

In this passage, God calls on his people to listen to his voice. He points his people to the fact that he is able to defy their expectations for the future and grant joy instead of sorrow. He reveals his purpose to bring salvation to the nations of the world, and emphasizes that this salvation lasts forever. Thirdly, he commands his people to abstain from the fear of man in light of the fact that men perish while his righteousness and salvation endure for eternity.

I Will Comfort You, My People! (Isaiah 51:9-16)

In this passage the people of God plead with God to wake up and act on their behalf. God responds by affirming his identity as their comforter, and even promising to send his Servant (the Messiah) to fully and forever comfort his people.

Wake Up, My People! (Isaiah 51:17-23)

In this passage we find a vivid description of what it means to drink from the cup of the fury of God. At the end of the passage God promises to mercifully remove this cup from the city of Jerusalem. We conclude by considering that God removes the cup of his fury from the hands of repentant sinners only because Jesus Christ came to drink it in their stead.

I’m prayerfully looking forward to the rest of the series!